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Elkhorn Construction, division of Elkhorn Holdings, Inc. (EHI), a Wood Group company, is a provider of industrial and plant construction & maintenance solutions to the oil, gas, power, and mining industries, and pipeline services. Headquarters are located in Evanston, WY, with area offices in Bloomfield, NM; Longmont, CO; DeBeque, CO; Rock Springs, WY; Seminole, TX; and Alvarado, TX. Operating Divisions within Elkhorn Construction include Elkhorn Pipeline Services , Building Erection / Painting / Insulating /Abatement formerly Dynamic Services, and ASME Piping & Vessels/ Structural Steel Fabrication /Control Buildings / Valving and Regulating Skids and Much More formerly HOAD.

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Company Background

Founded in 1984, Elkhorn has become admired and respected by customers for safety, integrity, quality, and performance. In December, 2013, Wood Group purchased Elkhorn Holdings, Inc. Elkhorn is unequivocally committed to working closely with their customers to ensure that all requirements are safely met at the lowest possible cost. All Elkhorn employees are committed to teaming with our customers and continuously improving the services they provide.

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